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Parent Feedback Survey

Dear Parents,

This questionnaire is designed to find out how we are meeting needs of the families enrolled in our child care facility. Your honest responses will enable us to improve communication and services for you and your child. You do not have to put your name on this form. Please circle the answer that best represent your feelings regarding the statements below.

1. My child is consistently greeted upon arrival. YES NO UNSURE

2. I am regularly informed about my child’s day. YES NO UNSURE

3. Classroom newsletters and notes keep me well informed. YES NO UNSURE

4. I have sufficient opportunity for informal conversation

about my child. YES NO UNSURE

5. I feel that my concerns about my child are well received

and that they will be addressed respectfully. YES NO UNSURE

6. Parent conferences provide me with insightful information

regarding my child. YES NO UNSURE

7. Our family and our ideas are welcome at any time at the

child care center. YES NO UNSURE

8. I read the monthly newsletters provided. YES NO UNSURE

9. The atmosphere here is warm and nurturing. YES NO UNSURE


Please include any other questions, comments or concerns you may have. _____________________________________________________________




Thank you for your responses!

Tina Conner